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    theconsciousmuslim: Rabiʿah al-Basri, and the man in the desert.


    It is said that one day passing through the dry deserts a man saw Rābiʿah al-Baṣrī (may Allāh be pleased with her) he was taken aback by how beautiful she was. He walked up to her and said,

    “You are so beautiful, the most beautiful being I have ever seen. Please do the honour of marrying…


    About Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal:

    It is reported that Abû Bakr Al-Matû’î said: I sat in the circle of Abû ‘Abdillâh Ahmad b. Hanbal for twelve years while he read the Musnad to his children, and I never wrote a single hadîth, I only looked at his behavior, character and etiquette.

    [Ibn Al-Jawzî, Manâqib Ahmad, article 210]



    Taking notes for knowledge – Are they enough?

    On his way back from Jurjan to Tus al-Ghazzali (rahimahu Llah) was robbed by highwaymen. When they left him he followed them but was told:

    “Leave us or you will die.”

    He replied:

    “I ask you for Allah’ sake to only return to me my notes, for they are of no use to you.”

    The robber asked him:

    “What are those notes?”

    He said:

    “Books in that satchel, for the sake of which I left my country in order to hear, write, and obtain their knowledge.”

    The robber laughed and said:

    “How can you claim that you obtained their knowledge when we took it away from you and left you devoid of knowledge!”

    Then he gave an order and the satchel was returned to him.

    Al-Ghazzali (rahimahu Llah) said:

    “This man’s utterance was divinely inspired (hâdhâ mustantaqun): Allah caused him to say this in order to guide me. When I reached Tus I worked for three years until I had memorized all that I had written down.”

    I have nothing but your generosity to put my hope in. Nothing. For I stand at Your door holding broken scraps…and yet you open. Save me from this storm. I am the most helpless of all your slaves. And I’m lost. Wandering in the middle of a forest trying to find my way. But all the tress look the same, and each path just leads back to the beginning. No one finds their way out of this forest—except whom You save. Save me(Ya Rabb). For truly, truly I cannot save myself.
    -Yasmine Mogaed

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